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Storage can empower your family, giving your live the flexibility to move faster, to go the places you want to go. Putting some, most or even all of your possessions into storage for a long or short period can be a great way to give your life flexibility. Maybe it’s as straightforward as renting somewhere smaller for six months in order to make yourselves so much more attractive to the sellers of your future dream home.

Or you may simply be clearing the garage, or need to move a quantity of furniture out while your house is being extended or renovated.

Whatever your storage reasons, volume and timeframe, you need a Storage Service that is convenient, caring, comprehensive and competitively priced.

Containerised Storage services from Steele & Co have been specifically designed to meet the needs of our Hedge End clients by offering convenient, safe and secure domestic storage in a fully equipped, modern storage centre. Containerised storage is particularly suitable for extended periods, providing a clean and sealed environment in which to store your precious belongings.

  • Load: once packed, your effects will be loaded into our storage containers at your home.
  • Inventory: prior to the sealing and securing of the containers, you will be provided with an inventory as a receipt.
  • Transport: the containers will then be transported to our secure Storage Centres.
  • Transfer: on arrival at the Storage Centres, the coded containers are mechanically transferred to their location, where they remain, untouched, until they are re-called.
  • Other items: our Storage Centres also have facilities to handle special items that are inappropriate for containerised storage, such as carpets, leather, velour upholstery and ladders.

Think outside the boxes – why choose Steele & Co?

We think that you would probably enjoy a Storage Service that was………………

  • Convenient: we aim to make your life as easy and straightforward as possible at all times. To that end, we come to you; if necessary we can pack for you too; you can watch us load your possessions into our specialised containers (or just let us get on with it and relax with a coffee at Elsie’s or the B&Q café!); we can then agree the detailed inventory with you; and finally we handle all of the transportation and storage phases, keeping your possessions safe and secure until such time as you require them to be returned.
  • Caring: we are very aware of the fact that you have entrusted us with your valued possessions for a time. We take this extremely seriously, and that is why we only employ full-time staff – we simply do not employ casual or agency workers. We know the quality of the work being carried out on our behalf will be top-notch: all of our staff are fully and regularly trained, smartly turned out and, most importantly, dedicated to the careful movement and storage of your items, using the highest quality packing materials, such as acid-free tissue, wardrobe cartons and bespoke transit blanketing.
  • Comprehensive: you want a storage service that is comprehensive, one that includes the all of the extra services that you may choose to take advantage of, and that can make such a difference to your stress and workload. We offer Packing and Unpacking Services, Full Insurance, the dismantling and reassembly of furniture, and carpet protection for stairs and hallways.
  • Competitive: at Steele & Co, we also pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service at extremely cost-effective rates. Why not book your appointment today? You have nothing to lose – it is free and without obligation. We will visit your home as soon as possible, assess the volume and type of items that you need us to store, discuss any other aspects of your storage needs – you may want us to pack and/or unpack for you, for instance – and then we will provide you with a detailed quotation, usually the same day.

If Steele & Co sounds like the sort of Hedge End Storage Service that you could entrust with your precious belongings, please call us today on 02380 647662 or email us on for a further discussion of your needs or to book your free, without-obligation assessment visit. Many thanks for your time!


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